It’s always Xmas somewhere!

Alright, maybe not always, but I’m probably up for a good Santa story any day of the week, any given week. And this is a Grant Morrison Santa story, so you know it’s gonna be a fun romp.
Turns out I’ve got a lot to learn about this crazed comic lunatic, and the comic we’re dealing with is no exception. Pitting Santa, Father Frost, and a melting snowman (among others) against tree-clops (I didn’t come up with that), spacefaring gods, and other gribblies, there’s a lot that stands out about this particular tale, but one thing bears mentioning to begin with: Santa’s an absolute babe.

Yes, I said it.
Apparently Grant Morrison and Dan Mora have paired up for Klaus since its inception, with the first series hitting all the way back in 2015, and the artwork in this is just a beaut! It actually had a couple panels that got me thinking about Sojourn, which is always a good feeling and reminds me I haven’t done a proper review of that yet.

The story is equal parts an endearing tale of seeking and earning a second chance, traditional Xmas myths (including my own, East European Mos Gerila, and a Romanian revolution reference, huzzah!), traditional Morrison insanity, and a lot of hard-hitting, spectacular action.
I’m not going to spoil much of it, but it also features Tom Brady, of all people!
I’m sorry, I meant a goat. It features a goat. #GoPats!

It also touches upon Ragnarok.
And I mean the real, Norse Ragnarok, where everybody dies and it all goes to shit, none of that feeble buddy-movie we recently got from Marvel. Yes, I’m still miffed about the yoink in that title, sue me. I want my Norse gods dead following the damn apocalypse.

This is the fourth volume in the series, but I didn’t feel like I was missing anything by just jumping in. I already have some of the older stuff on order so waiting to get my hands on that as well, especially since it showcases Morrison’s full range: from the heartwarming to the fires of damnation.

You’ve got everything in here: well-written and well-timed jokes, interesting and concise exposition, redemption, Santa going HOHOHO at least three or four times, and most importantly maybe, a self-contained story that will probably leave you wanting more. Which is great, cause then you can just get the other stuff, too.

BOOM! Comics hit a home run with this one, at least in my opinion, so this book is one of the easiest recommends and a must if you’re into Morrison’s zany brand and Mora’s amazing art.

Thanks for reading, and have as nice a day as you deserve!

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