On the Workbench:


June 17th, 2018

There’s a tiny bit of a resurgence of indie comics lately, with the crowdfunded/self-published market in full swing and offering up some amazing stories with stellar artwork to marvel (sic!) at, that (I feel completely safe in saying this) kick some major league ass when they’re put side by side with some of the bigwigs’ main runs.

As such, it gives us great pleasure to pull out the workbench again and bring several of the current-running comicbook projects (some of which we’re excited backers of ourselves) to your attention.
You’ll find varying degrees of experience among the authors here, and while we haven’t had direct interactions with all of them, the ones we did reach out to have been kind enough to answer some of our questions about their art so stay tuned for that…

But first off, the quick run-through!

Jawbreakers - Lost Souls, by Richard C. Meyer

Ex-superheroes (what a concept, eh?) tackling some African action that includes power-hungry warlords and giant, ape-like monsters. What’s not to love?

Running upwards of 353k amassed buckaroos (at the time of writing), saying Jawbreakers is a massive success is an understatement, with it being a top-selling graphic novel (judging by the Comichron reports for the month the main funding was amassed) coming from an inexperienced author.
Said author, Richard C. Meyer (“Zack” to the connoiseurs) claps back in grand fashion at the chorus of voices that seemed to think he’s nothing but a down-on-his-luck critic who couldn’t write a comic to save his life. And what a clap this has been!

Richard’s somewhat controversial Youtube review/smack-talk channel has been a thorn in the side of a certain swathe of mainstream comic creators for a good long while now, and it only seems to be getting bigger and better. I say somewhat controversial because it takes a certain type of sensitivity and ignorance to slap the kinds of deplorable labels Richard has been receiving (which I won’t reproduce here for the sake of brevity) on him.

Us? We just love banter, charisma, and good comics.
And Jawbreakers hits all three of those in spades. You can get the comic off its Indiegogo page, and be sure to also follow the Diversity & Comics Youtube channel for all the shits and all the giggles.

Jack Irons: The Steel Cowboy, by Cody Fernandez

Ever wanted to read something with a continuously reincarnating protagonist carrying the memories of over 2000 years of existence? Maybe something taking place in a teched-up Wild West setting in 2076, starring a gruff, no-nonsense dude whose take on life is way more complex than his appearance would hint at?
Neither did we until we came across this gem.

Following great feedback garnered by issue #1 of this comic, writer Cody Fernandez took to Indiegogo to seek funding for a expansion of Jack and the amazing universe he’s building herein, with the help of artist Maximilian Dall'O.
Time jumps, action, thoughtful discourse and seemingly endless suffering are some of the hallmarks of Steel Cowboy which is looking to expand into a further six issues for a total of eight for this particular arc.

There are also ideas for side characters and plots, and from our talk with Cody (which we’ll tell you about soon…) we gather there’s plenty more to uncover with the Steel Cowboy and all that surrounds him. Find out more on the currently running Indiegogo campaign!

Ravage - Kill All Men, by Chuck Dixon

I know what you’re gonna say: “damn, GHG, why u go full radical on us?!”.
But I’m here to tell you that’s not the case… And that Ravage is a kickass package put together by industry vets like Chuck Dixon, and Jimbo Salgado, and that takes place within the CAUT!ONVERSE, a universe that Cautionary Comics creations take place in.

The talent behind the book is astounding, and the tagline just sells itself:
“Toxic Feminism and Extreme Masculinity collide in this epic adventure!”
Dealing with feral beasts, an ancient jungle environment and two army vets lost in the midst of it all, trying to keep alive and safe from the tribe of warrior women looking to entrap and eventually kill them, Ravage looks, feels, and sounds amazing.

The book has a reported 120 pages done for it and is looking to release as many of those as possible as the Indiegogo campaign rolls on, so go have a gander!

Cyberfrog - Bloodhoney, by Ethan Van Sciver

That title alone should sell you on this one, but let’s go through the motions:
Ethan Van Sciver has been in the industry for over 20 years, working on things like Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman, or Superman, kicking paper and taking pencils… Or something of the sort. No, really, the guy’s a legend, and he’s bringing his old Cyberfrog character (originally created in 1993) to the forefront of comics.

There are many things to be said about both Cyberfrog and Uncle Ethan, but he falls into the same category that Diversity & Comics does: his Youtube critique/commentary channel tends to piss a lot of people off. And for all the right reasons, in my opinion. He also dabbles in a lot of Star Wars lately, so if you want to learn where the term #Ticopaths comes from, Comic Artist Pro Secrets is the place to go.

The Indiegogo campaign has gone insanely well (partly due to Ethan’s own renown in the industry) and is just closing up on its deadline, over 343k in and at nearly 4300% funding! So if you like cybernetically enhanced organisms and think a frog taking on various beings, alienoids, insects, and related, this is the one for you!

Still to Come...

As previously mentioned, we’re going to keep pumping the Workbench out every time we feel there are noteworthy projects around for you to look into. We’ll be going with a bit of a mixed bag of various fandoms next time, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading, and have as nice a day as you deserve!