Part II

June 21st, 2018

Putting our money where our mouth is with the good you can find in the fandom, and distilling it all to what we feel is the main reason why SW got so big in the first place: the fans.

You can argue that even the people working for Lucasfilm are SW fans (although that’s not necessarily the case: I can’t wait to get out of my current line of work), with the book and game authors themselves being heavily involved in the IP and George Lucas being (obviously) the biggest one out there, but I’m going to talk about the regular fans here, people like you or me.

Merch buyers, book readers, t-shirt sporters, movie directors…
What? Oh, yeah, there’s a whole subsection of fans who have put together dozens and dozens of short films with the SW stamp on them. Original works of fiction (and fan-fic, as such), these are wildly varying in tone, techniques, and, naturally, quality.

We’re going to highlight a few of them here, and we hope you’ll use them as a starting point into enjoying this side of the fandom, one that’s severely underrated and that has offered up a copious amount of gems over the years.

Jedi’s code, by Carlos Boellinger

A film with timeline jumps (which I’m a big fan of) and original characters that’s wonderfully bookended and shows great shades of the universe for such a short item.

Beyond the Dune Sea, by Oliver Thompson

Fan-favourite Boba Fett makes a great escape in this one.
That’s all we’re gonna say.

Liberation, by Jonathan Munoz

Serving up a little more dialogue and runtime than the first two entries, this piece also ties into the main saga (non-canonically, of course)...

Hoshino, by Stephen Vitale

Saving the best of the current crop for last, Hoshino has amazing production values, a warning for a main plot, and a kick-ass Jedi for a protagonist.
Read more about its production, as well as the short behind-the-scenes featurette here.

These are your first steps...

This is but a short sample of what the fanmade universe has to offer, and we hope you’re hooked enough to keep looking for pieces such as this in the future. You’ll find both original characters and fan favourites leading these, as exemplified above, with some works rivaling even the main saga in heart, execution, and just plain Star Warsdom.

Thanks for reading/watching, and have as nice a day as you deserve!