For the Love of Board Games

A book by Erin Dean

May 11th, 2018

A love for and around boardgames has engulfed the gaming hobby of late, and we can’t but be happy to be a part of it and offer what help we can when new, interesting things happen for creators and players alike.
This time, we’re happy to bring an upcoming Kickstarter project to your attention, in the shape of a book on boardgaming penned by long-time fan of the hobby (and a collector with over 120 games to currently show for her troubles), Erin Dean.

A short synopsis for the book follows:

“For the Love of Board Games is a book that explores how modern, popular board games were created and features interviews with the designers behind the games. The industry’s biggest board game designers, including Uwe Rosenberg, Richard Garfield, Bruno Cathala, Reiner Knizia, and many others, share their behind-the-scenes stories.

Each chapter features a different board game designer discussing not only the inspiration behind the game(s) they designed, but also why they started playing and how they got their start in the industry. Designers will also share stories about the board games they designed, but never published.

Readers will discover fun facts and learn about the challenges behind some of their favorite board games while catching an exciting glimpse of the designer’s future plans. Full of exclusive interviews and never-before-told stories, For the Love of Board Games is a must-have gift for tabletop gamers of all ages as well as a great addition to your own game room.

The Kickstarter is dropping this summer (June), and will feature a digital pledge level, paperback one (as well as a combination of the two), and a very special level for people to name-drop themselves or other designers into the book... The latter’s perfect for whoever wants to show their grandparents their names made it to print, so you know we’re interested in it!

Erin has been busy promoting the book far and wide lately, for instance making appearances on podcasts such as WIPN and also dropping an interview opposite Jillian Schmett who we’re just naming here for giggles since she’s a friend of the page (Hi, Jillian!).
If I ever hear another “games are for boys” comment I might actually lose the plot, but I digress. The book already has a Facebook page set up, and we encourage you to drop Erin a like and follow if you’re in any way interested in the boardgame hobby as a whole and are looking to learn more about how it got to where it is today from the very people that helped shaped it, interviewed by one of the people they brought so much joy over the years.

Before it all drops, later this year, we’re going to leave you with a short video documentary Erin’s put together, The Board Game Boom, featuring some of our own favourite designers, all in all a small sample of the 50 big names in the industry that are going to be featured in the book itself.