Yoda: The Crash of the Firestorm

by Cameron Wooten

Now: Jedi Master Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Praxeum, Yavin IV 13 ABY

Tionne, the Jedi Librarian, sits up from her desk, after pouring through the contents of an ancient starship’s logs, and begins to run to Master Skywalker’s quarters. She has made a discovery, brought to her by Mara Jade, that tells a part of the history of the Jedi Order that no one has heard of before. She bursts into Luke’s chambers, face flushed from sprinting, and calls out, “Master Skywalker!”

“People typically knock before entering a room,” Luke says with a smile, “but I can see you have a matter of great importance. What is it, Tionne?”

“Those ship’s logs and other bits of holorecordings from the ship Mara Jade recovered in the Outer Rim Territories show some of Master Yoda’s past!”

Luke is stunned, and it takes him a moment to reply. “Master Yoda is in the recordings? When was this, before the Clone Wars?”

“Oh yes, long before the Clone Wars,” Tionne says excitedly, “come down to the library and we can view it together.”

Then: Approximately 850 BBY, Hysalria System, aboard the Firestorm

“A problem we have, Mor-Leon,” Yoda said calmly.

“Yeah, I know that Yoda, our ship was hit by asteroids and now we’ve barely got one engine working.”

“A solution, I have. Go towards that Swamp Planet, a feeling I have, save us, it will.”

“If you say so. We might be able to get there.”

“Get there, we will.”

The Firestorm creaked forward, towards the planet, on its one remaining engine. Mor-Leon was able to keep the ship somewhat steady and guide it to a semi-controlled crash. The ship slid through a small portion of trees, then hit a large creek, sliding down it, until it crashed into a pond.

“Well that went well. I guess we should get to shore before this bucket of bolts sinks.”

“Go towards that clearing, we should,” Yoda said while pointing to the left of their crash site.

“If you say so. Hey, do you have a strange feeling about this place?”

“Yes. Feel it too, you do?”


The duo climbed out of the ship, swam to shore, and began walking towards the clearing Yoda pointed out. Numerous snakes, spiders, and other creeping things, slipped, slithered, slid, and crawled through the trees, murky water, and dense foliage. Flying, bloodsucking insects were like a thick fog, constantly biting the two adventurers, and being a general nuisance. After trekking through the clearing for a couple of days, the two came upon a large hut-like structure, and an enormous snake-like being with four arms, wearing vambraces, leather straps, and carrying a large staff topped with a crystal.

“Welcome to the planet Hysal, my young adventurers,” the snake-person said.

“Hello, crashed our ship we did, stranded we are,” Yoda said matter-of-factly.

“Ship got hit by asteroids, and no one responded to our distress call. Life support and rations were almost gone, so we had to try and land,” Mor-Leon stated.

“Well, welcome to my humble abode, I am Jedi Master N'Kata Del Gormo. Who might you be?”

“A Jedi Master, wow! Boy are we glad to see you. We were hoping to make contact with the Republic… oh yeah, my name. I’m Mor-Leon.”

“Yoda I am, pleasure to meet you, it is.”

“It is good to meet you both. But I have a question for you, do you know that you are both Force Sensitives?”

“Force Sensitives? Like the Jedi?” Mor-Leon said with confusion.

“Indeed. I could feel your presence as soon as you entered the Hysalria System. You both have strong Force potential, even though you are evidently untrained. If you wish, while we await a Republic ship to respond to your distress beacon, I could begin training you to be Jedi.”

The two adventurers gladly accept his offer, and after a meal of real food, made by the Jedi Master, and a good night’s rest, the two begin their training.

After many months of training, Master Del Gormo formally accepted them as Jedi Initiates. He trained them to levitate small objects, how to sense the world around them, how to commune through the Force, and how to anticipate an enemy’s attacks. He also taught them the Jedi Code, the history of his planet and species, and of the current members of the Jedi Council. He explained to them that when the Republic rescue ship came, that he would send them to the Jedi Order on Coruscant, and have them become Jedi Padawans, requiring them to go through The Gathering, a rite of passage. Finally, a whole year after their crash, a Republic Cruiser, the Liberator, entered the star system and sent a rescue shuttle down to the planet. After a few hours of searching, they came upon Del Gormo’s encampment, and were relieved to find the two adventurers unharmed.

“Master Del Gormo, a pleasure to see you again,” a Judicial Officer said with a smile.

“And you, Captain Brevard. These two are Jedi Initiates now. I would request that you take Yoda and Mor-Leon to Coruscant and present them to the Jedi Council. If they are able to pass their Gathering, then they can return to me as my Jedi Padawans.”

“It would be my pleasure, Master Jedi. We will leave at once.”

After a few days in hyperspace, Yoda and Mor-Leon came to Coruscant, met the Jedi Council, and were sent, along with four other prospective Jedi, to the planet Ilum for their Gathering. They traveled with the Architect Droid Huyang, on board the Jedi ship, Crucible. There, he taught them of the many wonders of Jedi Lightsabers, and of the origins of the Jedi Order on the planet Tython. Yoda took all of this to heart, and eagerly awaited The Gathering. The journey to Ilum was uneventful, and once they arrived in the system, they went down to the planet. Once there, Huyang let the Initiates go forth on their own, equipped only with cold weather gear. Yoda, Mor-Leon, Fallanti, Morgo, Nazelli Zan, and Prevarno Synn, were the six initiates. Yoda, Fallanti, and Morgo were all aliens with green colored skin; Mor-Leon, Nazelli Zan, and Prevaro Synn were all humans.

They at first set off in pairs, with Yoda and Mor-Leon heading towards a large frozen waterfall. The two traveled through a small crack in it, and into a hidden cave system. The dark, frozen cavern eventually split into two paths, with the Force pulling the two apart from one another. Yoda entered a series of tunnels, going ever deeper into the planet, until he discovered a cavern lit by a giant orange crystal. Once there, he felt the calling in the Force stronger than ever and came to a small crevice in the far wall of the chamber. Inside the crevice was a small green crystal that was pulsating with the power of the Force. Yoda picked up the crystal and knew with a certainty that it was meant to be his. He began his journey back to Huyang and was surprised to discover all the other Initiates had returned, and that he had spent the entire day in the caverns.

“Welcome back, Yoda,” Huyang said in a friendly tone, “Now we can return to the ship and begin constructing your lightsabers.”

Once aboard, the six Jedi Initiates crafted their own unique lightsaber hilts, some made of wood, others of chromium, some of doonium, and others still, of durasteel. Mor-Leon crafted two yellow bladed, doonium hilted, lightsabers, the others created an assortment of blue and green lightsabers, and Yoda made a green bladed shoto, a short lightsaber, better suited to his small size. After the group returned to Coruscant, they presented their weapons to the Jedi Council, and a small ceremony was held, welcoming them into the Jedi Order as Padawan learners. Although the other apprentices had to wait to be chosen by a Master, Yoda and Mor-Leon were sent back to Master Del Gormo to complete their training. After a few years, he then came to Coruscant with them, and had them enter the Jedi Trials to see if they were ready to become a Jedi Knight. They both passed their trials and by the year 800 BBY, Yoda became a Jedi Master in his own right.

Now: Jedi Master Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Praxeum, Yavin IV 13 ABY

After the two finished watching the recordings and other records compiled from the logs of various ships that were all located on the drive of the ship Mara found, the two stared in wonder at each other. Another chapter in the enigmatic history of Yoda had been discovered, and it confirmed some of the myths about his background. Although they still didn’t know of Yoda’s homeworld, his species, nor even what solar system he was from, they knew some of the basics of how he came to be a Jedi. The records were from an Old Republic cruiser that was found drifting on the edge of the Outer Rim. Presumably it was a ship from the Jedi Order that contained many records from the Order. Unfortunately, most of the records were lost, but of those that did survive, they told a great deal about Master Yoda’s past, and for that, Luke and Tionne were happy.

“We’ve got to tell the others,” Luke says excitedly.

“I’ll round them up for a meeting within the hour,” Tionne responds immediately.

Cover art by: @georgeevangelista (IG); gze.art (FB)

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