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Today’s Starter, Agents of Mayhem: Pride of Babylon!
Funding Goal: US$ 30,000 (Funded)
Funding Deadline: February 27th 2018

We’ve covered the few issues the team behind this skirmish miniatures boardgame faced over in Not Everything Should be For Everyone, but now we’re finally getting a look at the live thing on Kickstarter… And we’re liking it!

At heart, it seems pretty straightforward: 2-8 players (or rather up to 8 following Stretch Goal unlocks!) control groups of miniatures that duke it out within the confines of many scenarios and use plenty of variations in equipment to further give the game replayability, which is always a must in our book.
Sure, games like these have literally taken over Kickstarter lately with stuff like HATE just having pulled in the big bucks, and Batman coming up soon (we already told you that...), but there are a few things that set this one apart from the norm.

The most striking aspect we’ve come across is the verticality of it all. And we’re not just talking about the designers sticking to their bird-flipping guns… The game literally stands out via the clever use of multi-level environments allowing battles to be fought within 3 or 4 level buildings.
And the buildings themselves are also destructible, with entire floors being reduced to rubble depending on the players’ actions.
The back-and-forth that goes on each turn means that players seldom get downtime and are almost always involved in the action at hand, whether they’re controlling their own minis or following their opponents’ moves closely.
We’re sure there are people more versed in the Saints Row universe than we are, but between the unapologetic jokes, larger-than-life characters, and garish visual cues, this speaks of true-blood mayhem to us on every level.

Clocking in at $90 for the base game (which also gets you access to an expansion), with Apollo Games being a subdivision of the mighty Academy Games, and a bevy of 3D elements to be added via Stretch Goals or addons to further make it pop, we feel like there are few reasons to steer clear of this one if it falls within your preferences theme-wise (and if your wallet allows it, of course!).

Just remember to flip the bird, and not the board!